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Preserved history through the interviews of 1983...

George Bartlett who was instrumental in getting the senior center started gave Annette Parks, the monumental task of documenting the history of the Center to date as of the end of 1983.  Annete decided to interview several key individuals involved with the Center to capture their points of view.  In the following unedited interviews the sense of involvement and committment to the Senior Center can be read.  We will start with Annette Parks summary of the history through her many interviews.   

Annette's first interview was on December 6, 1983 with Marcella Barnett, she was involved before the Ukiah Senior Center was even formed.  It's fun to read the stories about the different buildings we were in and how some dedicated volunteers had the determination to just make things happen.   You can tell Marcella liked "old people", read her story. Marcella Barnett

Claude Trimble was the first elected Board President of the Ukiah Senior Center in August 1972.  By 1983 Claude had passed away, but read the story as told by his wife, Alice Trimble.  Alice was also very involved and especially seemed to love helping with the cooking and getting together playing games and socializing through the many gatherings. Alice Trimble

Albert Eldrick was the first elected Board Vice President.  Albert and Lois are both interviewed in December 1983.  Albert & Lois Eldrick

North Coast Opportunities (NCo)  was involved with the senior center in the 1970's.  Golda Conner was working with NCO in 1974 and gives her account on how things started. Golda Conner

Another person who served on the first Board of Directors was Lois Anderson.  She also remembers the very start of the organization.  Lois Anderson

Remembering the Progressives, Bessie shares her stories.  Bessie Timmerhoff

Tom MonPere wsas involved with the Senior Center in the 1970's and in the 1980's.  His first involvement was when he was the Director of NCO and then came back as a Board member in 1981. Tom MonPere

A person who was volunteering and giving it her all from the beginning was Betty Cooper, another interesting story. Betty Cooper

Telling his tale of being an outreach worker before the Center was formed is Jimmie Tilden.  Jimmie Tilden

George Bartlett, who is referred by many as a key element of the start and success, gives his perspective.  George Bartlett

Getting involved with the first newsletter, the SNAP, was Lois Jounson Jones, she reflects on visiting the Center in the later 1970's. Lois Johnson Jones

Starting the dances was Doc Powell. Doc Powell

The last interview in this series is from Mary Facklam.  Shc is also remembered with her husband Gene Facklam as volunteers and members who remembered the Ukiah Senior Center after passing with leaving their estate to a place that they enjoyed and looked after Gene in his final years. Mary Facklam

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